Origin Runes

Runes of immense power that are responsible for the fall of the First Empire. They provide those branded with tremendous power however using the power has its cost often draining the stamina of the user very quickly.

Usage: We’ve learned that once imbued with one of the Origin Runes, you could no longer be branded with another. A lesson Hawke learned the hard way trying to sacrifice himself with another brand to prevent others from experiencing his curse only to be sent hurdling across a room from the rune repelling him. This raises the question however if other runes can be mingled with the origin runes, or if once branded you can never be branded again.

Side Effects: Through travels with his brand Hawke discovered his burns cold when near druidic magics and strange altered or magic beasts. It acts as a sort of warning system which Hawke has used to his advantage a few times in the past. It burned the coldest when being close to another Origin Rune being used.

They are categorized by Element.

Known Origin Rune Elements

  • Water
  • Earth

Known Branded people

  • Hawke: Became Branded by mishandling the Water Rune in Castor Farms
  • Maximus: Became Branded by attempting to use the Earth Rune to activate a druidic elevator
  • Teton Strey: From Hawke’s first encounter with Strey we’ve learned that he is also branded. However due to Hawke having all the Origin Runes in his possesion when revealing that Strey was also branded lead him to believe he was branded by something else however he never revealed what.

Origin Runes

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