Hawke’s Signature Weapon.

Arondite at first glance appears to just look like a rather ornate arming sword however it holds a special ability to produce a powerful aura from the blade which greatly increases its range.

Close/Reach (Aura active) range
+2 armor pierce
After imbuing power from an item bought in Dragolii the blade’s aura can transform into a shield providing +1 armor

The Aura itself is activated at Hawke’s will implying some magic talent. The Aura retains the shape of Arondite just wider and longer, the aura itself has an orange-gold glow. It roughly doubles the sword’s range as well as the aura itself cannot be stopped by conventional means which allows it to pierce things ranging from earthen walls to tough steel plate with relative ease.

The sword was initially surrendered to Aegor Lake as part of a deal to save Hawke’s allies however it was later returned to Hawke when he offered to forge a pact with the spirit of the lake and reforged his sword using the Water Rune’s power.

Reforged Arondite:
After Hawke reforged Arondite using power from his rune the blade’s aura changed from an orange-gold glow to an oceanic blue color as well as it changed from an aura of light to that of one that resembles water around the blade when active. The sword itself now acts as a tool to channel the rune’s power, without the sword Hawke can not use his water elementalist powers however retains the passive benefits it provides.


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