Deadly warrior imbued with a powerful rune.


Class: Fighter / Water Elementalist
Status: Alive
Brand: Water Rune located on right palm

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: early to mid 20s
Alignment: Good

Wields Arondite a magical sword that can create a powerful aura around its blade to greatly extend its range and pierce even the strongest of armor.

Combat Style:
Having trained in the Gretian military as well as his time as a mercenary makes his strikes a precise, direct and above all, powerful. Most enemies find the last thing they see of Hawke is his sword slicing them down with devastating precision and speed. Thanks to Arondite he gains a wide killzone around him allowing him to strike targets that think they are far enough away from him giving him a significant advantage to those who don’t suspect it. This leads to Hawke being a powerful driving force on the front lines.

Runic Powers:
Hawke using his power.
Having been branded with the Rune of Water Hawke gained the ability to manipulate water sources as well as channel this power into his attacks. Currently he also has the ability to breathe and move about underwater with ease giving a tremendous advantage if near open water. Unfortunately He hasn’t been able to use his powers much due to inexperience with magics however he know’s how devastating they can be despite needing a water source to be used.


A dishonored war hero from the nation of Greta who lived in Cadeus. Corruption from within the military lead Hawke to leave Greta to become a travelling mercenary. His travels lead him to Demara, the information epicenter to take on new leads for work.

His travels lead him to the Castor Farmland to investigate strange activity, not knowing the activity in Castor lead him to becoming branded by a mysterious Rune. While in Castor he found numerous other runes to which recognizing the threat, he safely bundled and carried with him.

Being banished from Castor under the assumption he was “Cursed” He traveled to Heabrook while maintaining a disguise to prevent himself from being recognized as the “Cursed warrior from castor” as well as it helped keep him from being recognized by the Gretian incursion of the town. During a town meeting, chaos broke out leading Hawke to be found by General Strey. After cutting a deal with Strey for the Runes, Hawke had his allies freed and his notoriety dropped in the area, not knowing what exactly Strey had in store for him.

After Accepting work from the Fishing guild’s Leader Clarke He lead the party to a strange spire that sprout up in Aegor Lake. Hawke and the party were sent to investigate the tower and report back to Clarke with any leads as to where it came from or what it’s there for.

Leading into the spire the party headed upwards inside to find a strange magical room where they encountered a strange trap with attacking statues. Having that path lead to a dead end they party headed back down to where they encountered Grimshaw Roberts, a strange priest, and Kalib the young ranger. Together they descended down the spire encountering a Druid that they fought on the road to Heabrook. The Druid fled however the party seperated. Hawke’s party, consisting of Harry, Grimshaw Roberts and Kalib hurried down the path the druid was fleeing to where they found the Druid channeling the Earth Rune when the seperated members appeared in front of Hawke’s team. The party managed to prevent the ritual and secure the rune however the spire began to collapse around them. As water flood in Maximus Grabbed the Rune to attempt to activate the lift the Druid had descended on to no avail. The party had to swim for their lives however only Hawke and Kalib made it to the surface conscious. In an act of desperation the Lake called out to Hawke offering to save his friends… but at a price. Knowing he couldn’t let the party die hawke gave up his Signature blade and in a quick burst the lake safely upheaved the party from the lake saving them. At that time Hawke had awakened the abilities of the Water Rune and could now use it to an extent. However his blade was surrendered to the lake for a short while.

The next morning Kalib helped locate Hawke’s blade in the very center of the lake, using his powers Hawke entered the lake and spoke with the spirit. Telling the spirit he was back for his sword he offered a pact with the spirit for his sword to which the spirit agreed. Emerging from the lake sword in hand he reforges his sword with the power of the water rune to satisfy his part of the pact with Aegor.

Returning to Heabrook the party reports back to Clarke and agrees to escort him and a small group of militia to Castor to help create a new route out of town as well as ask for assistance in helping establish new routes. On the road we encountered an odd man by the name of Magic Dan. He warned us that unless we traded a magic item for one of his “potatoes” disaster would befall us, no one but Maximus took him up on his offer which seemed to satisfy him, Hawke however remained near the Heabrook group to ease their concerns. Upon reaching Castor we discovered the land razed and an election to decide the fate of the town underway.

Upon the candidates request we left Castor to head to Dragolii to help uncover any information on their dying lands. On the road to Dragolii however we encountered a bandit camp which we quickly disposed of and gained information on a Bandit king’s lair. We then made it to Dragolii, Re supplied and snuck into the kings keep. Infiltrating was simple enough however an unimpressive fireball from Harry set the group into a rage. We battled the mob until a strange quaking in the cave erupted. The remaining bandits tried to flee in terror however Baldric struck them down with a powerful bolt emanating from his body. We quickly assembled and as we got prepared for whatever was approaching a large Liquid gold elemental flowed through the door leading from the king’s treasure hoard. We discovered my physical strikes couldn’t harm the creature however upon Baldric’s impressive explosion when faced with certain death and being coated in a metalic armor on his skin, Harry was able to discern where to strike to deal lasting damage. Hawke then channeled water out of nearby stout barrels and charged it with runic energy and sent it hurling at the creature’s epicenter bolstered by Harry’s magic they combined their strengths to deliver a devestating blow to the creature which caused it to lose stability. Harry then channeled strength from the party to finish off the elemental causing it to cease moving and solidify.

After slaying the elemental Grimshaw and Marlow decided to fund an operation to mine out the solidified gold from the keep to fund our party’s operations. Hawke and Harry opted to find more information on the dying region as well as sent a letter to Marcus to try and find out what is going on back in Greta and for any information regarding Strey. Baldric sought to try and learn more about his otherworldly history in the only way he knew how… by retiring to the local pub. Our group’s plan was to seperate for 1 months time and to reunite with new information and new fortunes.


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