The physical realm we all know and love.


According to the knowledge of the Arcanium and the Ministry, as well as commoner folk lore, everything in the world of Phyros belongs to one or more the the 5 domains listed below.

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Wood


The calendar used in Phyros is based on the realm’s five seasons and 4 moons. But in summary:

  • A year has 300 days, and 5 months.
  • A month has 60 days, and 12 weeks.
  • A week has 5 days

The five seasons

Each season in Phyros lasts for 60 days and makes up one of the 5 months of the year.

The Season of Metal, is the coldest season of the year. During this season there is very little vegetation as all the plants have either given up their leaves or receded into a hibernative state. Likewise most natural animals are hibernating at this time as well. Rainfall is extremely rare during this time.

Season of Water, during this time water returns to the earth in the form of snow. Some plants that have adapted to thrive in low temperatures come out of dormant state and begin growing again. Likewise there are some animals that come out of hibernation at this time as well. Expect it to snow very heavily during the first half of this season, transitioning over to heavy rainfall during the latter half.

Season of Wood, conditions are prime for life. All plants and creatures come out of hibernation and thrive in an environment abundant with food. More or less similar to our spring

Season of Fire, during this time things are quite hot and rainfall is infrequent. As the plants have stored up a fair amount of water and nutrients during the previous season they won’t be at risk of dying off in the heat for the most part.

Season of Earth, during this season as the plants use up the last of their stores they begin their transformation into a dormant state. Likewise animals begin preparing for hibernation and can be quite aggressive as they compete for resources.

The 4 moons

There are 4 moons in the sky.

Mino, the largest moon has a very quick cycle of 5 days. The first day of the week – Godsday- always lands on the full moon of Mino.
The days of the week in order are:
Godsday, Wanesday, Newday, Waxday, Freeday

The sister moons, Soun and Spiri are smaller than Mino but roughly equal in size. Soun has a cycle of 20 days while Spiri’s cycle is 30 days. When both moons reach New Moon together it is said the next season officially begins.

Hesa is the smallest moon by far and the slowest, with a cycle of 150 days. New years is celebrated when this moon reaches New Moon with the two sister moons.

Calendar of the year 1180

Paste this code snippet into the link below to visualize the calendar.

{"year_len":300,"events":0,"n_months":5,"months":["Season of Metal","Season of Water","Season of Wood","Season of Fire","Season of Earth"],"month_len":{"Season of Metal":60,"Season of Water":60,"Season of Wood":60,"Season of Fire":60,"Season of Earth":60},"week_len":5,"weekdays":["Godsday","Wanesday","Newday","Waxday","Freeday"],"n_moons":4,"moons":["Mino","Soun","Spiri","Hesa"],"lunar_cyc":{"Mino":5,"Soun":20,"Spiri":30,"Hesa":150},"lunar_shf":{"Mino":2,"Soun":0,"Spiri":0,"Hesa":0},"year":1180,"first_day":0}


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