A young ranger who vanishes at first sight of danger


Class: Ranger
Status: Alive

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: Mid-Late Teens
Alignment: Neutral

Combat Style:
Primary weapons are bow & spear. Relying on his instincts, Kalib avoids danger before it spots him, and only attacks to kill. His life in the wild has made him an adept hunter, preferring to kill his target from afar resorting to his spear only when necessary. His ability to hit critical targets gives him considerable crowd control and damage during a conflict.

Kalib rarely goes out of his way to interact with humans; this could be due to his constant preoccupation with almost every other form of life around him. His ability to communicate with animals has caused those who met him to suspect he was raised by animals. Recent years he’s ventured into smaller settlements to acquire currency by taking care of pests and for the pelts of carnivorous animals that thought he was edible.

Quiet. Interacts with any non-human animal in his vicinity incessantly. Quick to bolt out of sight if he senses danger. Follows Grimshaw Robert’s lead. Grimshaw Roberts and Kalib have extremely effective combat synergy. Approves killing for survival.

Falcon Mika:
Mika is an endangered species of falcon. Kalib rescued Mika when she was a hatching during a forest fire. Mika spent most of her “eyasses” years perched on Kalib’s shoulder, and consequently never learned to walk. In the air she flies as fast as a arrows but more quietly. When she is not on Kalibs shoulder she is rarely anywhere to be seen. Kalib hopes to mate her with a male falcon and help re-foster her species.

While there are a few humans out there that Kalib respects, his obvious favoritism towards Grimshaw Roberts can only be interpreted as devote loyalty by others. In reality, his true motives for supporting Grimshaw Roberts can only be speculated.



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