Dungeon World

On the Road

The journey from Heabrook to Dragolii

  • Found Hawke’s sword and negotiated a new pact with Aegor lake
  • Party received payment for investigating the Spire
  • Escorted villagers from Heabrook to Castor
  • Party meets Magic Dan
  • Discovered there is an election happening in Castor
  • Marcus asks Hawke to carry out an assassination for Strey
  • Dale asks party to find a wizard in Dragolii who can examine the fields and cure the land
  • On the way to Dragolii the party finds a bandit camp and kills the bandits.
  • Party finds a map to the Bandit King’s hideout and a map of the hideout.
  • On entering Dragolii the party collects a bounty for the bandit’s heads



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